Five Ways to Rethink Income Diversification

Following seismic job market jolts driven by the pandemic, technology layoffs, inflationary pressures and automation scares, several individuals across the globe, are seeking ways to diversify income streams. Let’s just say there’s a fair bit of fear out there! But just as your lives and careers are unique to you, your solutions must also be […]

It’s Time to Refresh your Goals

Setting clear goals is one of the single most powerful ways to achieve something meaningful in life. Yet even for those who set goals, and have every intention to deliver, one habit they sometimes overlook is to give their goals a regular refresh. Considering we’re almost at the half-way mark for 2023, now’s a good […]

Great Unexpectations

Not very long ago, someone requested my help for a job search. I didn’t know them at all but upon meeting, it appeared that their headcount was transferred to another city and the situation was dire. Then again, a few days later, I was watching the story of company that went into liquidation and took […]

Staying Strong…

This is a really difficult piece to write. Perhaps the simplest way for me to get out of this would be to not write it. But I am writing about strength and to do so, if it needs me to gather my own strength first – then I must do so. These are really trying […]

My Top 10 Reflections From 2019

I always take stock at the year-end. I journal a lot so normally, I write my thoughts on the year that’s about to end and then some on what I want to get out of the coming year. But this time, I made a little change. I actually began reading through my entries over the […]

How to Make Sense of Inverted Yield Curves and Negative Yielding Debt?

If you have been watching the news over the last few weeks, you are likely to have seen headlines relating to the $17 Trillion negative yielding debt, the inverted yield curve and a looming recession. I have. And perhaps like me, some of you might have wondered what all of this really means and what […]

Which Simba Are You?

I texted a friend. Me: I am going to watch ‘The Lion King’ Him: Hakuna Matata For those of you who haven’t seen the film, it begins with Simba (then a young lion) being proudly introduced to the animals in the Pride Lands. Simba is the son of King Mufasa and destined to become king […]

My Take on Gender Diversity

So this weekend, let’s talk about a topic we all love to talk about – gender diversity. Make no mistake for I choose my words very carefully – talking the talk is a million miles from walking the walk. And for this weekend, I’ll give you two true stories – and you can decide which […]

Quantum Entanglement

M and I connected on social media a little while back. We chatted a bit, not too much. Then all of a sudden last week, I got a text. Hey there, I’m in London for the India Australia match. Fancy a drink? Sounds good! We agreed to meet up in Central London later that week. […]

Watching Paint Dry

What do you plan to be doing today? I asked Jim*. ‘I’ll fill in the hole in the ceiling and then watch it dry. Then I’ll paint over it and then then I’ll watch paint dry’, he said. I smiled and left him to get on with it. Being thrifty enough to squeeze life out […]

The Leaky Pipe

‘Plop’ I felt the water droplet on my head as I entered my flat late on Friday evening. I looked up. To my horror, the ceiling in my hallway was dripping. It wasn’t exactly a pitter-patter, just a ‘plop’ – every few seconds. I called the building maintenance and realised that I was speaking with […]

My Shortest Date

A little while ago I was having coffee with a lady, let’s call her Vicky. Having been divorced for a while, Vicky wanted to start dating. She asked if I dated and if I could give her some tips. ‘Sure’, I said. As we peeled the layers, it evolved that this was deeper than just […]

My TEDx Experience

It’s been quite a week. I attended the Reg Tech conference at London’s Liverpool Street midweek and then spent the day attending and supporting TEDx London at Royal Festival Hall. Between the two sessions, I covered a lot of ground and it is in this multiplicity of views on a wide-ranging spectrum, that I find […]

Could Volunteering Constrain your Growth?

Saturday morning for me usually means soccer mum – I get a good run around the pitch while my son plays. Yesterday was a little different. I volunteered for TEDx London and went to attend the orientation session. As we finished introductions, it dawned on me that the room was full of women, there were […]

Are you the boss?

It’s the Easter Weekend as people take time off from work, many of us are looking forward to the long weekend! Sadly, some of us are carrying tremendous stress and probably worrying about wide ranging issues from our workplace and boss to our kids and bodies. Some of us will go back to work feeling […]

I am a Timeless Beauty

Often, I write the blog first, then find an image for the cover. Today is a little different. We shot the photo first – then it provoked a thought. The picture to me symbolised strength, vulnerability and several untold stories; and I felt somewhat responsible to share some of them. So who shot this photograph […]

Boldness, Be My Friend

Helsingør, Denmark. 21st February 2019 My son and I are sat at an idle betting shop watching Arsenal v Bate Borisov. The score is 3 – 0 and he’s telling me why this was tense. The streets outside are dark, wet and deserted. We had spent the day visiting the Kronborg castle, (a UNESCO World Heritage […]

Are You Ready For Your 1-2-1?

So a while ago, I hired John (name changed to protect privacy). Actually, I almost didn’t hire him. Much as he impressed me in the interview, he called shortly after to say that he had been offered another role but preferred my role. He wondered if I could let him know sooner so that he […]

Dear Guilty Parent …

Earlier this week, I was watching an interview where Twinkle Khanna, an Indian author, was chatting to Anupama Chopra, an Indian Journalist as they discussed the launch of her third book, called Pyjamas Are Forgiving. I relate to Twinkle on a few levels. Some say that we resemble though the main connection for me is […]

So What’s The Problem?

‘I need a large storage unit,’ I said to my friend as we browsed Ikea a few years ago. Newly single, I was setting up my home from scratch and frankly, I was quite clueless as to what I needed. I was delighted when we found a unit about 7 feet high and 2 feet […]

Sometimes I Wonder….

A few days back, my son and I were watching the film,‘Wonder’. Wonder is an absolutely beautiful story of a ten-year-old boy, August (Auggie) who suffers from a facial deformity due to which his mum has home schooled him all along. The film explores his (and everyone else’s journey) as he attends school for the […]

The Power of Small Business

As some of you know, I have set up my own small imports business. As part of the marketing, I had a stand at the Greenwich Vintage Market yesterday and spent most of my day basking the glorious sunshine chatting with locals and tourists at the Greenwich High Road. A few friends stopped by to […]

The Data Doesn’t Look Right…

I haven’t written for a few weeks. Not sure if you missed me but I missed writing. I can only go so long without it. So this Saturday afternoon, I had to go for an urgent meeting! But before that, I needed to find a place where I could leave my son for a few […]

Why Aren’t You Proud?

Why Aren’t You Proud? ‘So what are you planning to do in Sintra?’ I asked the elderly lady sat next to me. The train from Lisbon to Sintra was packed with tourists and we got chatting. ‘I have no idea…I am here just here with my two sons and their families. I’ll do whatever they […]

Please Make Yourself Uncomfortable!

‘I will be in London on Sunday, do you have time for coffee?’ texted Harry. I had been Harry’s manager for a few years, before he moved to another town. ‘Of course!’ I replied. We met that weekend and chatted away. At one point he said, ‘I had to tell you this…do you remember when I […]

Why don’t people understand?

The sun has been shining in London and schools are closing for the summer break! So yesterday, we spent most of our morning playing in the local park and then went off to watch The Incredibles 2. Although my children often pick the movie, I am the one who enjoys them more! Today’s article, about […]

No! You’re a misfit!!

‘Sorry chef, I don’t eat fish,’ I said, when the chef asked me to taste the Goan Fish Curry. ‘You’re such a misfit! Kitchens are totally not for vegetarians!’ he laughed. This was many years ago, right at the start of my career. Not many of you know that I began my career in the Hotel […]

Is It Over Yet?

Earlier this week, I found myself at London’s Olympia Park, scribbling furiously at the the exhibitor’s orientation morning for the Specialty and Fine Food Fair 2018. The event is UK’s leading event for fine food and drink – putting the seller directly in front of high quality audience, it provides a great platform for buyers to […]

How High Can you count?

‘I can count to 100!’‘I can count to 1 million!’ As kids, we delighted in how high we could count! Perhaps, that explains, to some extent, our lifelong obsession with counting! And not all of us count the same way. Some of us look for continuity while others for patterns. Some of us don’t like […]

Are you still ticking boxes?

‘I’m going to write a book!’, I said to my mum a few years ago. She began getting anxious; and within minutes, questions followed. ‘What do you know about writing a book? Not everyone can write a book. Will you be allowed? What happens if you are not able to complete it? What is the […]

So What Is Your Worth?

Imagine waking up every single day, feeling shame, resentment, fear…pulling through every chore feeling overwhelmed; and then as you lay down to rest again, feeling it even more, because regardless of all achievements, you just lost yet another day of your life that is passing you by. Imagine, breathing every breath with a profound sense […]

A Rainbow of Love

Last week, I had the huge privilege of joining the team to do some community work at a school in Essex, London. Two of our team members were allocating work on the spot and they were totally on the ball. When I arrived, looking distinctly shorter in my trainers, they promptly allocated me & another […]

Reconnecting With RAFT, A Year After The Marathon

This week just keeps giving! Last year, this time, I ran the London Marathon to raise money for RAFT, a medical charity. The lovely Mateja from RAFT invited me for coffee at Aubaine in Mayfair, London this morning to keep us abreast of developments and upcoming events.  I am always touched when meeting people who […]

Celebrating JOMO!

2018 has been anything but calm. As they say, the rate of change today may be the fastest that you have ever seen and yet the slowest that you are likely to see ever again. Be it a desire to excel or just the fear of missing out, we constantly seek ways to keep pace. […]

Being While You Become

What do you want to become?‘I want to become a pilot.’‘I want to become an actor.’‘I want to become a story teller.’And the list goes on. Often in life, we write our goals early on, or sometimes in fact, someone else writes them for us. And from that point on, we set out to become. […]

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