My Top 10 Reflections From 2019

I always take stock at the year-end. I journal a lot so normally, I write my thoughts on the year that’s about to end and then some on what I want to get out of the coming year.

But this time, I made a little change. I actually began reading through my entries over the course of 2019. It felt like getting into a time machine and visiting myself in the past. I’d definitively recommend it!

Going back in time is a really powerful way to recognise just how far ahead you have come.

Here are my top ten reflections from 2019:

1. Earlier this year, I was contemplating whether to shut the spice business (@londonspicequeen). The company is now closed. I don’t feel so bad about closing it, instead, I just feel very proud of being able to take a calculated risk and then being able to walk away when I realised that it wasn’t right for my family or me.

2. About the same time, I was offered to be part of a shoot and given the option to shoot in lingerie. Doing a very public shoot in lingerie was pushing the boundaries on many levels as I come from a very traditional family. But again, looking back, I am so pleased that I went for it! (Timeless Beauty)

3. Many of the entries surround schooling arrangements for both my children as they both moved schools this year. Like many parents, I was contemplating moving home if needed. But again, pleased to say, we are doing ok. Most importantly, I am happy to have made deeper connections with them (and others who mean the world to me) because there is a lot to be learnt outside of school.

4. Equally, I’ve learnt to recognise and walk away from to relationships that hurt. I find that often, not only do we give them more headspace than they deserve, but in the process, the ones losing out are the ones who love us and need us most.

5. My audible shows about 15 books read. From ‘Hit Refresh’ by Satya Nadella to ‘The Hero with a Thousand Faces’ by Joseph Campbell, I have grown to love my time with learning. It’s like a never ending game within yourself – you are still within the same console (body) and yet continue to achieve new levels most of which only you can see because on the face of it, the console looks the same. Everyday you slay dragons and open new doors – it’s a journey that needs not an open ticket but an open mind.

Everyday you slay dragons and open new doors – it’s a journey that needs not an open ticket but an open mind.

6. I have found a calling in sharing (writing & speaking) and have done more than 150 posts/videos this year. Through written and through spoken word, I’ve connected with so many of you on so many levels. I read every note that I receive and I can tell that not only are you listening, you feel with me. For that, I remain grateful to you.

7. I’ve spoken at over eight conferences from Budapest to Sydney covering content from automation to conduct and leadership. For someone who loves to meet people yet needs to be at home with the kids most evenings, the events give me a great way to learn and share with so many of you in short sharp bursts.

8. I redesigned my website ( It’s exhaustive but I do think everyone must design their website (even if its just a mock one!) if only to go through the process of thinking and articulating who you are and what is your unique offering to this world. It is very rewarding.

9. I’ve increased my stocks portfolio by over 80% and not just that, to share my learning, I’ve created a course on Udemy on How to Build a Stocks Portfolio using my own framework called BEAT. I’m so pleased to say that I have 73 students. Most people think investments are about money but I continue to reinforce that money is only a means, the entire process signals my active measures to secure a better future for my family, a channel for me to act on my opinion, a place where you write your own year-end review, and finally, an optional skill for the future if I decide to do this full time one day.

10. This year, I also took on a new role at a new firm. On an emotional level, it was really difficult to part with Barclays, a firm that meant (and still means!) a lot to me and yet, I am loving every minute of this new chapter. Again, it’s all about making a difference in whatever way we can.

All in all, I’m leaving 2019 with masses of clarity and focus feeling a lot stronger than we started.

I would encourage you all to write down your top 10 or even top five if you havent done so yet. Most importantly my message for 2020 will be to use the reflection to decide what brings meaning to your life.

Take charge. If a thing means something to you, then do something about it. If it means nothing, then maybe do just that.

All the best for 2020!

Take charge. If a thing means something to you, then do something about it. If it means nothing, then maybe do just that.


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