Being While You Become

What do you want to become?
‘I want to become a pilot.’
‘I want to become an actor.’
‘I want to become a story teller.’
And the list goes on.

Often in life, we write our goals early on, or sometimes in fact, someone else writes them for us. And from that point on, we set out to become.

And as we do so, we sometimes pause and wonder if we made the right choice. At other times, we muse at our alternative lives, wondering what if we had chosen differently.
‘What if I had taken that break?’
‘What if I had pursued journalism?’

Dragging ourselves through the mundane, we ache to see a glimpse of that alternative life. Often though, we fear that it’s just too late.

Have you ever felt that in the pursuit of becoming, you forgot to be?

As a child, one of my favourite games was to arrange empty chairs in a room, and teach. Bossy, yet wanting to share.

As they say, some things never change.

I still love to reach out to people.
When building my website, I’m reaching out. 
hen I act, I’m reaching out. 
When I write, I’m reaching out. 

Deep, meaningful connection gives me joy. Connections that help us grow, and connections that add meaning to life.

So what gives you joy? And are you doing enough of it?

What would you be if you didn’t have to become?

What would you be if you could just be?

I understand that its not always so easy.

While there are many things we would love to do and to be, we have our limitations, reasons, responsibilities, even fears – and all those things that hold us back; often for the right reasons.

But here’s the thing!

To feel truly fulfilled, we don’t really need to be the best at what we do. We don’t even need to be doing it all the time or at the so called ‘right’ age. We only need to be doing more of what we love to do.

My website is a little step in my endeavour to reach out more.

And I continue on my path, I would love to listen to what you will be doing more of. We can share success and even our lessons.

As my bio says, this is where it all begins, and here is where you can call dibs on riding shotgun!

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