Reconnecting With RAFT, A Year After The Marathon

This week just keeps giving!

Last year, this time, I ran the London Marathon to raise money for RAFT, a medical charity. The lovely Mateja from RAFT invited me for coffee at Aubaine in Mayfair, London this morning to keep us abreast of developments and upcoming events. 

I am always touched when meeting people who change lives for a living. I mean wow – to be able to have that power/ability to do so and then to put it to good use, repeatedly, day in and day out – now that’s something! In summary, this was a sunny morning of amazing coffee and inspiring conversations with some very talented yet humble people.

Here are some of my key takeaways:

1. RAFT helps us restore dignity of life after we suffer severe trauma like burns. As human survival rates increase, we must acknowledge that it takes more than survival to really live. RAFT helps bridge this gap though innovative technology like tissue regeneration and now spinning onto bone regeneration amongst other initiatives.

2. Life sciences aren’t like building a mobile app…healing takes its time, trials take time, evidence too, takes time. A marathon, not a sprint.

3. Charities need to look for viable and sustainable funding solutions. We can raise so much through initiatives yet the longer term answer is to find a strategic and sustainable solution.

4. As a side note, if you fancy some substantial reading, do look up ‘Enlightenment Now’. by Steven Pinker. The book covers debate about whether the best days are behind us or are yet to come. It begs the question, ‘Is modernity really failing? Or have we failed to appreciate progress and the ideals that make it possible?’

5. Do check out ‘Aubaine’ if you are in Mayfair sometime. Great food, coffee, ambience and service! Life goals: make more time to visit places such as this. Will find a day to lounge there for an entire day while I work on my next book.

6. Finally, when you have a moment, do have a look up RAFT and the amazing work they do! Better still, perhaps make time to visit them in North London. Just one little step, not a marathon.

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