Why don’t people understand?

The sun has been shining in London and schools are closing for the summer break! So yesterday, we spent most of our morning playing in the local park and then went off to watch The Incredibles 2. Although my children often pick the movie, I am the one who enjoys them more!

Today’s article, about perceptions, is hinged on its plot so a bit of backstory first!

The Incredibles are a family of five, Mr. and Mrs. Incredible and their three children. They all have super powers and in the film, those with such powers, are referred to as ‘The Supers’.

When the film begins, there is an ongoing ban on The Supers, which they are desperate to lift. Yet however hard they try, due to reasons like government positioning, public perception just wasn’t in their favour.

At this point, Winston, the CEO of a Telecom Company and his Evelyn, his sister, invite the Incredibles and Frozone (another Super), for a chat.

Now for those of you who feel misunderstood and keep trying harder to clear your name, read carefully. This chat that goes beautifully from problem to solution and I have chunked it in three points for you.

1. Perception is truth in the eyes of the perceiver

Winston wanted to pitch for the return of the Supers by changing the negative perception associated with The Supers.

Totally frustrated with his life as an outlaw, at one point, Bob (Mr. Incredible) says that no one had a clue how hard this is to which Winston agreed saying there was no way for them to know because public perception was focused on the damage done by them as opposed to how they saved the day.

So first things first. If you feel misunderstood, ask yourself, what might be driving that perception? How might you be contributing to it?

2. Make it your business to drive that perception

Mr. Winston then says that they would have to work together to change mindsets by letting people see what The Supers really did and why they were good for the world. They would run a campaign with the aim of lifting the ban completely.

A little yet huge point. Take accountability and think of how you could change the belief.

Finally the solution!

3. Stop trying harder and harder!

Mr Winston decided that Helen (Mrs. Incredible, also called the Elastigirl) would lead the campaign while Mr. Incredible and the kids would actually stay home.

Yes, they actually reduced the resources deployed to fight the crime focussing instead on showcasing to people what the Supers actually did! To do this, they tried fitting cameras (tech power) on Elastigirl so they could capture her fighting the bad guys and then used their telecom business (media power) to relay this to the world.

So to summarise, as  mentioned in my previous article, the actions that got you there in the first place will seldom be those that help you out. Often, you have to go back to the drawing board to find what you missed the first time round.

And finally, I have two little actions for you!

1. Watch the film: I suggest you watch the film! Its fun and action packed. Let me know if you like it!

2. Ask yourself three questions: 

  • Where do you feel most misunderstood?
  • How are you going to change that?
  • Is there a super power you can use?

Contact me for a coaching if you wish to change some perceptions!

Let’s get those super powers rolling!

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